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27 Jan 2009
New Purchase Contest

Some of you are new to our network and dont know about the super contest we have going on. So i thought i would fill you in. Between now and the 26th of Febuary every purchase over $3 on all of our sites recieves a free lottery ticket to the email you made the purchase from. Save these tickets and the 26th of Febuary we will be drawing one lucky ticket to win a Brand New Dell inspiron 1525 laptop.

06 Jan 2009
Purchase Contest Update

purchase contest update so far the stats on the purchase contest are as follows. 1:ntahja 2:morris68 3:mypayday2 keep those purchses coming in because its a close race. we are continuing the buy one get one free for today as well to help everyone get in the mood to participate..... Another round of payouts will be made tonight almost 900 going out tonight...

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